SUCCESS STORY: GLORIA HARPER 7/21/20160 Comments Picture Gloria Harper ​Dream Fund Client ​Homeowner since June 2016

Success Story: Gloria Harper

After 9 years of renting, Gloria Harper was ready to invest in herself and her family with a home of her own. “I wanted to become a homeowner because I was spending a ton of money on rent, and I had no stake in the house I was living in. It was almost like throwing my money away,” said Harper. She turned to Renaissance’s Dream Fund program, which allowed her to work at her own pace to reach her financial goal. Through the Dream Fund’s personalized financial counseling and homebuyer education, Gloria was able to turn her dream into reality.

New home owner Gloria Harper said, “I’ve worked hard for the last 20 years, and I wanted to invest my hard earned money in my own home – and I did! It might have taken a little time to get here, but if you hang in there you will see things coming together, and it’s worth the wait!” 

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